Inside our time - Presentation

My life, till now, get by in a completely normal way, without fatal meetings, shocks or disasters that could disrupt or threaten its path.

Therefore my biography, compared to those of many artists, who tell of lives lived to the fullest, with adventures, great loves, artists cursed, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and premature deaths, may even seem trivial.

I am reassured by the thought that, if the wantonness was the condition sine qua non, most of the artists of which is now deservedly recognized the value would be excluded.

Because is it true that the art of Polok, Basquiat, Modigliani, Tancredi and Schifano is relate with their life choices, but it is also true that many artists have distinguished from the other realizing itself exclusively thanks to the merit of their work.

I hope, at least, they recognize to me the merit of having tried to get back into this second category

I do not exaggerate when I say that, in the anonymous regularity mentioned above, I had also lived intensely, because my everyday life, over the years, has always been imbued with the problems of a family with four children, and also whit the commitment of who have invented and run one’s own business.

Get in the market, let me know to the public, earn in order to consolidate the work and then meet the economic needs of the family, and fulfill its commitments with suppliers, banks and employees has been an assumption of responsibility, which has contributed to my training, man certainly.

I have had a hard time too, I heard the sirens that tempted Ulysses too, the desire to abandon everything and everyone, leaving the fight to conquer a piece of the market. I have had the opportunity to unhook from world that besieges you with its rules that are difficult to accept when you’re in the prime of life. Today I could put in my resume different past, much more adventurous and romantic, more appropriate, perhaps, to a self-styled artist.

I chose to stay, to be a person with a positive attitude towards life and society.

In the difficult moments of life painting helped me a lot because he closed out the door of my study, for the time that I devoted, concerns and thoughts related to real life. My passion, as I said, has always been a refuge, an island of my own where no one was allowed the landing.

Can a normal person with a normal life aspire to be recognized as an artist?

Speaking with friends who love to paint me as, I verified that the idea of the painter boemienne is very strong, I think because of the charm that can evoke the adventure steeped in freedom and risk.Van Gogh and our Ligabue, they said, have become great because they have suffered and in the time of trouble they created their masterpieces.

It was said jokingly: “Do you want to compare the ‘sacred fire of art’ which dominated J.Pollok when, completely crazy, clasping a large brush to make his famous dripping?”

Faced to such “eureka moment” and imaginative interventions on the canvas with the most unthinkable tools, we can not wonder. There are other many sensational incidents related to this or that “genius” brought to the fore by the newspapers and the media.

You can not ignore the history of art, but some contemporary star (artist) do not deserve, in my opinion, so much attention: they are provocateurs who seek the news, which are associated with the star of the show and the characters known to have the cover of magazines and to create around them, interest and free publicity. How wrote the critic Luca Beatrice: they are more celebrities that creators of art.

There are artists “recognized” that do not have a study of work, which do not paint and sculpt their own, who commission their insights or part of them to other people. And many people think that they do not need a place to work, because making art is above all concept and ideas, and you know, these can flashed in mind wherever you are.

In the name of freedom of expression, in spite of the aesthetic and tradition, surpassing the revolutionary classics you can produce “art” by any means, with the mannequins hanged to a tree, with a giant hand with the middle finger irreverent (which today make a good impression in a Milan’s square). Art recognized and proclaimed.

This is ART without ifs and buts, as we say today, and the authors are already in the great museums of art and history books.

Aware of this, and the possibility (not so remote) to sound ignorant, in the name of freedom claimed by innovators, I modestly claim my choice to ignore what others are doing and how they are doing it.

I’m so in another world, my world. I’ve always tried to achieve, looking at contemporary. Falling on the canvas, with passion, my personality, my beliefs, matured -unfortunatelin the context described above. In short, I believe that we have to paint for ourselves and so sincere, to be able to recognize each other, respectful of the form, looking for BEAUTIFUL. The “form” in my thinking, is not the opposite of informal, but it is a set of “rules” that it is right to respect as a writer must use the syntax.

In my painting, the color is not at all like an abstract painting which I imagine as a sequence of musical chords. Continuing the metaphor, I could call myself a composer who tries to music a theme. Honestly, I do not think that all my works are masterpieces, and I do not think they are all thrown away.

I learned to paint by himself, trying again and again painting the landscape around me. Then the person has become the subject of my works and the setting just a particular.

Since 2010 I have tried to overcome those preferences that had limited my activities. So, looking at E. Hopper, one more extension: communication between people in the family and outside. See “Routine familiare”, “Evasione”, “Shopping anch’io”, “Integration è utopia?” and others .

These are the subjects that I’m passionate today, because they are more relevant than ever and allow me to reason, to give a theme to work, to provoke a reflection on those who dwell on my canvases. I’ve met people who recognized themselves in my work and even those who would not have liked the “Scrap” in their living room because this theme suggested anxiety and fear.

But this is exactly the reaction I want from the visitors, and not just for this group of works!

I have some supporter who encourages me and, thanks for his goodness, recognizes in me a style, an artistic personality, in short, a trait particular and recognizable.

To make myself known to the public, for many years now, I have tried to propose to the connoisseurs of the industry, and I discovered, to my cost, that are not patrons.

It is natural that a creative, musician,poet or painter, looking for people in the confirmation or criticism of his work, whatever it is. The alternative to the galleries are the municipal exhibition spaces that can be achieved in management for “courtesy of the official culture” of the place. And in these rooms often dilapidated and far from the town center, the “artists” exhibit the best, their latest efforts in the hope that someone notices them. In the end, the lucky ones will have the visit of the local newspaper, and a paragraph of six lines.

So this is the situation of those who try to do art, in all sectors, and I am not going to change it.

June 2013